Kevin Durant Clears The Air After Slamming Aaron Judge Re-Signing With The Yankees

Kevin Durant

Getty Image / Dustin Satloff

The New York Yankees re-signed Aaron Judge and the fanbase is thrilled (for the most part). However, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant kind of slammed the situation when he was asked about it.

Turns out Durant is a Washington Nationals fan and didn’t like seeing Judge back with the Yankees. Jomboy Media shares his first reaction to Aaron Judge’s new deal.

As you’d expect, Yankees fans weren’t too happy with Kevin Durant’s statement. To be fair, it did kind of come off like he holds a grudge or something against Aaron Judge. However, the Nets’ star cleared the air early Thursday morning.

And there you have it. Maybe if Kevin Durant wasn’t playing in Brooklyn it wouldn’t have been such an issue with the fanbase. New York fans love New York teams. So we get it. Either way, the Yankees bring back Aaron Judge even though the situation looked rocky at times.

Although Kevin Durant cleared the air, it seems some sports fans still don’t believe him.

Everyone is a New York Knicks fan, I guess.

We’re not sure what more people want from Kevin Durant. Either way, he’s cleared the air, and Aaron Judge is with the Yankees for life.