Kevin Durant Pulls Ulmitate Power Move And Demands The Nets Fire Their GM And Head Coach

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The Kevin Durant situation has just taken a significant turn.

Over the weekend, Durant met with Nets Joe Tsai and demanded they either trade him or fire head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks.

The Nets have listened to trade talks this offseason and have yet to receive an offer they like.

Via The Athletic

After Durant’s trade request on June 30, the Nets engaged in conversations with almost every team in the league, according to sources. But because the Nets have set a sky-high threshold for the return the franchise wants for Durant — a two-time NBA champion, two-time Finals MVP, a former league MVP, and 12-time All-Star — teams have not yet been able to meet the asking price.

The Celtics, Toronto Raptors, and Miami Heat remain the most significant candidates to acquire Durant, sources said, with Boston’s package centering around All-Star forward Jaylen Brown seen as a viable deal. Sources said that Tsai and the Nets have made it clear privately that they will take every last asset from a team that trades for Durant.

It is worth noting that Durant still has four years left on his contract, and it’s unclear if he’s willing to sit out if his demands aren’t met.

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