Kevin Durant And Klay Thompson Confront Drake After Game 2 ‘You Weren’t Talking Tonight Were Ya? Bum A**’

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Toronto based rap superstar Drake has made his presence felt during the NBA finals with his trolling.

During the Raptors game 1 win against the Warriors Drake called the Dubs trash and hit Klay Thompson with the “Hotline Bling” dance during the game.

Before game 2 Drake was back to his trolling when he wore a Home Alone inspired hoodie that mocked Kevin Durant for being injured and not playing in tonight’s game.

Unfortunately for Drake the Raptors lost game 2 and he was confronted by Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson after the game near the locker room area.

Drake better hope the Raptors win game 3 because it seems the Warriors are ready to throw it in his face every time they came out on top.