Kevin Durant Tells A Fan Why He Only Responds To His Haters

Kevin Durant

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

Kevin Durant isn’t only known as a superstar basketball player in the NBA. He’s also built a reputation on Twitter for responding to people.

However, it’s noticeable that he only responds to haters. Now, after a fan asked him, Kevin Durant reveals why he only responds to haters on Twitter.

Bleacher Report shows the exchange. Somebody was giving Durant flack for joining superteams. You know, the usual criticism of the Phoenix Suns star.

After responding to his hater, Durant then shares why he only responds to them. “Hate drives me. Too much love will kill you.”

Plenty of successful people claim they use their haters as fuel. Same can be said about the people who appreciate them though.

Regardless, it appears Kevin Durant thrives whenever he can prove people wrong. Which, honestly, is a great trait to have for a professional athlete.

He’s certainly proved many people wrong throughout his career. Many believed he was too scrawny for the NBA level when he was first entering the league.

Instead, Durant has become on the best scorers in league history.

Despite that fact, NBA fans couldn’t help but roast Kevin Durant’s reason for responding to the haters.

The superteam criticism will probably never go away.

Why not respond to both though?

Boom. Roasted!

At the very least, Durant is always motivated to perform night in and night out as long as he’s healthy.

With Bradley Beal now in Phoenix, Kevin Durant will probably continue using some of that “hater” fuel to help the Suns surge into a deep playoff run.