NBA Reacts To Kevin Durant Wanting His Jersey Retired By OKC and Golden State

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant responds to criticism from his former coach, Steve Kerr, regarding his excessive Twitter use

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  • Kevin Durant played for both Golden State and Oklahoma City, helping elevate each team
  • He now wants his jersey retired in each city, but most fans disagree
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Kevin Durant has been a superstar everywhere he’s gone.

With the Nets, he’s been a two-time All-Star. He’s in the midst of trying to finish out this season and take Brooklyn on a playoff run.

In Golden State, he helped the Warriors bring home a pair of titles. He led the league in scoring four times while a member of the Thunder.

The guy is one of the game’s best, and that will be reflected upon an imminent Hall of Fame nomination following his retirement. But it seems that the sharpshooter is already getting ahead of himself a bit.

On Thursday, Durant made an appearance on The Ringer to talk about some of his past stops in the NBA. He had some bold things to say about his legacy in both Golden State and Oklahoma City.

Durant believes that both teams should retire his jersey. He says that he was able to elevate the organizations to a new level, and that he deserves the recognition.

“OKC has to retire my jersey. It wouldn’t even be good for the game of basketball if they didn’t. Same with Golden State.”

While no one can deny Durant’s talents on the court, many believe he’s jumping the gun. Especially folks in OKC who are still upset about the way he left.

Check out the NBA reaction below.

Durant is undoubtedly one of the NBA’s best players, and he’ll certainly be honored once his playing days are through. But demanding that the jerseys be retired at this point in his career is just not a great look.