The Nets Are Getting Roasted For Their Celebratory Kevin Durant Bobblehead That Looks Nothing Like Him

Kevin Durants Welcome To Brooklyn Bobblehead Looks Nothing Like Him

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In honor of their big free agent acquisition, the Nets released a special new “Welcome to Brooklyn” Kevin Durant bobblehead rocking his new black and white #7 kit.

“Same face. Brand new place. You’ve got a new superstar heading to your city, ready to deliver some highlight plays all season long. Life is pretty good. Make it even better by celebrating with this Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets Billboard Bobblehead. Welcome to elite fandom,” reads the bobblehead’s description.

Same face?! Ummm, thaaat looks nothing like Kevin Durant.

I see Anthony Davis there in his Lakers gear. That kind of looks like Brodie in the front. Kawhi is pretty recognizable. Is that Kyrie there in the back? And, catty-corner from him, also in his new Brooklyn colors I see… Martin Lawrence?

Needless to say, as it always does, the internet noticed the non-resemblance.

Other suggestions for who the bobblehead really is (it’s certainly not KD) were Jamie Foxx, Blair Underwood, Sterling K. Brown, and Idris Elba – all better guesses than Kevin Durant.

So… progress?