Wrestler Kevin Owens Was So Angry He Had To Work On His Birthday He Ripped A Kid’s Sign In Half

It’ KO’s world and we’re all just living in it. He’s rich and famous for pile driving people into the mat. Probably never pays for a drink at a bar. Definitely gets to have sex with his hot wife, as evident by the cute kids he has running around. So, you know, I feel like he doesn’t have that much to complain about. Welp, I guess I’m wrong, because Owens got all butthurt on Saturday when he had to fight in Rapid City, South Dakota on his birthday.

Honestly, I don’t see a situation in which I wouldn’t be butthurt about having to travel to Rapid City, South Dakota. Granted, my knowledge of South Dakota begins and ends with it being south of North Dakota, but still. 10/10 would not travel there. Especially if it meant passing up birthday sex with my hot wife. Which is why I get why Owens took his frustration out on some poor kid in the front row’s sign.

Yeah, fuck that sign, KO. Who does that kid’s parents think they are? Allowing their kid to make an AJ Styles sign when KO is fighting. Especially on his birthday. Plus it’s their fault for populating South Dakota that he has to be there. That’s worse than bad parenting. That’s garbage parenting. Know your audience, parents. Namely, if Kevin Owens is fighting, you better have your kids make him a sign, or else you’ll have to be the one to explain to them why they were wrong while they’re sobbing on the car ride home.