This Kid Getting Nailed By A Soccer Ball Is Why Checking Cell Phones Can Be Dangerous



I’m not even fucking with you right now when I say this: Checking cell phones, in some spots, is dangerous business. Like, say, being in a crowd. Or, just walking on the sidewalk. Maybe worse, when crossing the street.

However, one kid proved that taking eyes off of a soccer match can be pretty deadly, too.

// behind one of the goals during a match between Real Madrid and Valerenga the other day, one little dude was on his phone, presumably checking Words with Friends or some shit—do people even still play that?

As he was distracted by the thought of playing the perfect word—or whatever else he was actually doing on his phone—a shot by Marcelo sailed wide of the net and, clank, right into his face. Talk about a disgusting facial.


I gave a video the other day of AS Saint-Etienne midfielder Nolan Roux ripping a shot at a poor, unsuspecting ball boy out of frustration, but this one wasn’t Marcelo’s fault—but was equally as hilarious.

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