Kimbo Slice Did An AMA And Talked About The Potential Of Joining The WWE, Shared A Dope Ass Recipe For Wings

by 3 years ago

Former street brawling legend turned MMA fighter Kimbo Slice has a Bellator match coming up on February 19th which will see him square up against Dada 5000. Kimbo went on Reddit to do an AMA to hype the fight a little, and talk about everything from life as a porn star security guard to the potential of him joining the WWE after he leaves MMA, and he shared his favorite recipe for wings (which sounds delicious af). One thing that’s interesting about this AMA is Kimbo did the entire thing from the CamSoda house, a new service I’ve posted on in the past here that calls themselves the world’s first 3D live-streaming adult cam site..and all of his responses came from the username ‘camsoda_com’, so clearly he was getting funded by the porn industry do to this AMA.

I genuinely hope that Vince McMahon reads the responses to Kimbo’s AMA, because it’s obvious that what the people REALLY want, the thing the really NEED is a Lesnar-Kimbo bout…Now let’s go to the best of Kimbo Slice’s Reddit AMA responses:

Rakmon_ 876:
What’s your favorite submission? Do you plan to surprise Dada 5000 with a straight ankle lock outta nowhere?


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