Kings’ Buddy Hield Calls The Team’s 4-Year $90 Million Offer An ‘Insult’, Vows To Find ‘Another Home’ If They Don’t Get A Deal Done By Monday

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Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield wants to get paid before the NBA’s deadline for rookie-scale extensions on Monday.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Chris B.Haynes Hield declined the team’s 4-year $90 million offer because he and his team are looking to get paid around $110 million range in his next contract.

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The Kings have an offer for Hield on the table for four years and $90 million, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Hield and his agent, Brandon Rosenthal, are seeking a number closer to $110 million, sources said.

With the 2020 free-agent class expected to be weak in terms of star power, sources said Hield is prepared to bet on himself and play out the season to test the market as a restricted free agent next summer if Monday’s deadline passes without a deal in place.
As the team’s leading scorer last season, Hield’s representation is encouraging management to open up the checkbook to keep a relatively young core together.

After the report, Hield spoke to the media and blasted the the Kings front office by calling their initial offer an “insult”.

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“I see it like an insult,” Hield said. “I feel like I’m worth more than that. If you say I’m your guy and you want to build around me, I just need you to show it. Actions speak louder than words. If you’re just talking and not showing nothing, I’m not going to respect it. I love playing here. I want to be here. This is my home. I’m trying to buy a house here, but everything is on stall mode because I don’t know if they’ll really commit to me.”

Hield went on say that he vowed to find “another home” if the team didn’t get a deal done by Monday.

“I don’t know if things are going to get done,” Hield said while standing in front of his locker with more than a dozen reporters gathered around and three team staffers hovering nearby. “If it don’t get done, me and my team will look for something else — probably another home. Until then, we’ll see if they really want me here. That’s the goal, to be here. I love Sacramento, but if they don’t want me here, if they don’t feel like I’m part of the core … I want to be here. If they don’t want me here, find somewhere else to be.”

I wish one day someone would “insult” me with a $90 million offer.

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