Kings Fan Tortures Warriors GM Bob Myers With Vigorous Cowbell Antics

Kings fans cheering on their team

Getty Image / Loren Elliott

The Sacramento Kings currently hold a 2-0 lead over the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

They’ve played incredibly well so far and look sharp early on in the postseason.

However, a Kings fan stole the show Monday night after he went viral for basically torturing the Warriors’ general manager, Bob Myers, in the stands.

Barstool Sports shares the clip of this Kings fan vigorously shaking a cowbell right behind Myers’ head.

So, Bob Myers might just be the most composed person in all of sports. How does he not turn around and at least give that guy an annoyed look?

Instead, the Warriors GM just takes the abuse as and stands there as if nothing is happening. But at the same time, there is no way that cowbell isn’t bothering him.

NBA fans everywhere shared their reaction and made some jokes about the Kings fan as well.

Tons of shake-weight jokes.

Bob Myers is getting some respect in the mentions.

Kings fans are loving this cowbell guy!

“I need more cowbell!” – Kings fans probably.

When it’s been literal decades since your team was last in the playoffs, fans are going to let loose during the games.

With that said this series is heating up and the Warriors have some work to do if they want to get back in the mix.

Make sure to tune into Game 3 on Thursday, April 20, as Golden State hopes to get back in the win column in their first home game of the playoffs.