Klay Thompson Trolled Charles Barkley With This NBA Championship Shirt So Bad We Might Have To Call The Burn Center

As anyone who watches Inside the NBA knows, Charles Barkley likes to talk smack about NBA teams who use jump shots to score the majority of their points during games. And yet much to Barkley’s chagrin, the teams who have adjusted their strategy to incorporate three-pointers and the like into their game have risen to the top ranks of the NBA. But why do three-pointers work? According to Dime,

When franchises actually started listening to their bespectacled analytics departments (picture Jonah Hill’s character in Moneyball adjusting his glasses as he intensely studies a Bill James tome), they realized that long two-pointers were a lot less efficient than a simple three-point shot just a few feet further back. So, teams started devising sets specifically tailored to spring a player for an open three-point shot from the corner. That’s one of the most efficient shots in basketball, because it’s a three-pointer that’s closer to the basket.

As for where Klay Thomspon comes in, he and Steph Curry “attempted the fourt-moth three-pointers last season,” logically making them the bane of Barkley’s existence. The only three teams above them in three-pointer attempts per game are the Rockets, Cavaliers and Blazers, all of which made the playoffs.

Don’t know about you, but it sounds like three-pointers are the way to go when it comes to winning games. Of the two teams that made it to the NBA Finals (the Cavs and the Warriors), one of them emerged with the championship title, something that Barkley was never able to do while he was still active in the NBA.

And now you know why Klay Thompson’s shirt:


Warrants someone calling in the burn unit for Charles Barkley.

[Via Dime Mag / Uproxx]