A Quick Flashback To The Time Klay Thompson Trolled Charles Barkley With This T-Shirt

If I had the option, I’d replace my grandmother’s spot at the Thanksgiving table with Sir Charles Barkley. I love my grandmother and all, and she can eat in the basement or something, but she simply doesn’t provide the hot-takes-with-zero-reasoning that Barkley does. He’s like that old timer who refuses to use email because he’s so used to sending mail through the postal service. The dude has eaten more words than a stoner with a vat of Spaghettio’s.

One of Sir Charles’ signature blunders was when he denounced the 2015 Golden State Warriors team and reduced them to just a jump shooting team who would see limited success. The Warriors would of course go on to win the NBA Finals last year, which sparked Klay Thompson to troll Barkley with the shirt featured above.

No one must have been happier than Charles when the Warriors fell to LeBron and the Cavs this year. A true long play by Barkley to even the score. Something tells me this is just getting started.

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