Kobe Bryant Thinks LeBron James Has Good Talent Around Him


The prevailing narrative throughout the 2018 NBA playoffs is how LeBron and his amazing play on the court has been able to carry a bunch of scrubs to the NBA finals. Kobe Bryant isN’T buying the fact that the Cavs aren’t talented and blasted critics of the team in an interview with the NY Times.

Via NY Times

“It seems like he has some good talent to me. He’s got (Kyle) Korver who’s a great shooter, J.R. Smith who has always been a solid player — we focus on his one mistake and that tends to overshadow all the things he’s done to help them win a championship before — you’ve got Kevin Love, who was an All-Star and an Olympian; Rodney Hood, who was a 17-point scorer in the Western Conference; you’ve got Tristan (Thompson) who is back to playing like he played a few years ago. He’s got some workable pieces there. I don’t understand how, in order to talk about how great LeBron is we need to [expletive] on everybody else. That’s not O.K. Those guys have talent. I don’t buy this whole thing that he’s playing with a bunch of garbage.”

I agree with Kobe, the Cavs have gotten good games in the Finals from Kevin Love and Rodney Hood and could have easily been up two games to one right now if JR didn’t make that bone-headed play in game 1 or if Kevin Durant didn’t catch fire in game 3. The Warriors are just too good.

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