Kodak Black Fans Debate If He Was Twerking Or Getting Intimate In Video From NHL Game

Kodak Black Fans Debate If He Was Twerking At Panthers Game

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  • Rapper Kodak Black was at the Florida Panthers game on Tuesday night and footage was spread with some claiming he was ‘twerking’ while others say he was getting intimate in the box
  • The footage immediately began trending with lots of Kodak Black fans questioning the excuse that he was ‘twerking’ in the video
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Kodak Black was in a luxury box at the Florida Panthers game on Tuesday night. The NHL initially fired off a tweet about him being there but later deleted that tweet after Kodak was seen on camera either twerking or getting intimate in the VIP box.

The video featuring Kodak Black and a woman bent over in front of him certainly does not look like two people engaging in some light-hearted twerking. A lingering question I have after watching this video a few times and then bringing my wife in to watch and only asking her ‘does this look like twerking?’ (she said ‘it certainly does not), is should Kodak Black just lean into this?

Should he just come out and say ‘it wasn’t twerking’ and write a song about it and get a billion streams or should Kodak Black just go with the twerking excuse that was presented? I’m thinking the former might be the better strategy.

You can see the video right here on Twitter. I can’t actually post it in case they were having sex and even if they weren’t, it’s a little intense. But you can see it by clicking that link.

Did you watch it? Of course, you did. Do you think that she was just twerking? Of course, you don’t because it really does not look like that’s what was happening.

Reactions To Kodak Black ‘Twerking’ Video At Panthers Game

Kodak Black Responds To Panthers Game Footage On IG Live

If you can tell me what any of that means I’ll buy you a beer next time we see each other because that was complete gibberish. Have I mentioned that I actually love Kodak Black’s work? I really do. And now I’m sitting here wondering how the guy who once said his son was going to love a song so he wouldn’t use profanity in it was caught doing this on camera. Kodak’s changed, man.

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