Kodak Black Claims He Was ‘Faking’ Weird Behavior In Disturbing Interview That’s Going Viral

  • Many people were worried rapper Kodak Black was under the influence of drugs after seeing Kodak’s interview with YouTubers Zias and B. Lou
  • Kodak Black seemed very out of it, and that’s being generous, but has since responded on Twitter that he ‘was fakin’ the odd behavior which raises more questions
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An interview with Souther Florida rapper Kodak Black and YouTubers Zias and B. Lou has gone viral with a ton of people raising questions about Kodak’s bizarre behavior.

The interview was meant to be a live reaction to Kodak’s new single Super Gremlin. It starts with them playing a portion of Super Gremlin for Kodak and asking him about it but Black is virtually unresponsive. His eyes are glossed over, he’s swaying back and forth, ignoring any questions, and a lot of people questioned of Kodak Black was under the influence here.

For his part, Kodak Black hopped on Twitter to say “Lol I B Fakin Like I’m Sleepy Ion B High Guys I Get Drug Tested Consistently” and there’s no reason to not believe him. Kodak was incarcerated federal prison as recently as January of this year but that sentence was commuted and he pleaded guilty to lesser charges and is currently serving 18 months of probation. So he is indeed being drug tested regularly while on probation.

Still though, if he’s ‘just playing’ then he needs to be an actor.

Kodak Black Interview Goes Viral

The comments are almost all from people worried about his health and mental state:

Here’s Kodak Black’s response to everyone questioning if he was on drugs:

I do some weird stuff when I’m tired. I’ve been known to talk to myself as I’m falling asleep and start dreaming while I’m still awake. But man, this is just odd how he’s with it one second and the next moment he’s nodding off. I’ve interviewed hundreds of celebrities over the years and have never experienced anything even close to this.