Kraken. Hogwarts.

Hardy's kind of a character. (Exhibit A: He straight-up predicted he'd have 50 sacks this year. He's going to need a few big weeks to reach that number) Before the unexpectedly great Carolina season, Hardy gave each player on the defensive line nicknames, with the line itself being called “MonStrz Inc.” From the Charlotte Observer:

Hardy has long called himself the “Kraken,” but has added names for Charles “The Loch Ness Monster” Johnson, Kawaan “Minotaur” Short, Star “Hydra” Lotulelei and Dwan “Phoenix” Edwards (because Edwards keeps “rising” out of the ashes to resurrect his NFL career, Hardy said).”


As for the Hogwarts thing, it's difficult to say why the wizard/nautical creature would give up his secret to the Muggle world, leading me to believe he's lying… Hey wait! It's on Wikipedia! It must be true!