Angry Chicago Bears Fans Take Out Jay Cutler Frustration On Kristin Cavallari’s Bacon Butternut Squash Instagram Post

by 6 years ago


At 3-6 with no hope in sight, Chicago Bears fans are abandoning ship like it’s going down. Some are burning Jay Cutler’s jerseys, others are calling for Marc Trestman’s ouster and some are misplacing their anger all over Kristin Cavallari’s Instagram page.

The former Laguna Beach star and mother to Cutler’s children posted a delightful and seasonal recipe for bacon-wrapped butternut squash yesterday. Nice, right? It’s the perfect tailgating recipe as the air turns cooler.

Well, you’re not going to believe this, but some people skipped right over the delicious recipe and headed straight to the comments to opine on Cutler’s ability on the field and his perceived lack of leadership. Obviously these people missed the most important part of Bambi.



Look, you can attack Cutler and his hangdog expressions all you want. And you can also take umbrage with Cavallari because she wasn’t always a good friend to Lauren Conrad, who is an angel. But I will be damned if I sit idly by while these people take shots at butternut squash. It is a fantastic and versatile product. One has never experienced such communion with nature as when they’re devoting a half-hour to cutting up the damn thing.

These people wouldn’t know a refined palate if it licked them on the ass.

Enjoy your microwaved pizzas, you rubes. I’ll be over here on Team B.N. Squash if you need me.

[Kristin Cavallari via Chicago Sun-Times]

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