Former Vanderbilt Point Guard Stuffed A Girl Into A Suitcase So His Girlfriend Wouldn’t Catch Them Having Sex

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Kyle “Zoom” Fuller was the starting point guard for The Vanderbilt Commodores in the SEC. He is now writing a tell-all book currently on Kickstarter titled “Below The Rim” that captures the craziness of the college experience for star athletes as shown through his own insane stories. The Kickstarter page promises wild romps with a sorority girl’s mother, threesomes on recruiting trips, and anonymous groupies offering him sex at his door after games.

BroBible has succeeded in obtaining the exclusive, world premier of the first major excerpt released from “Below The Rim” called “Suitcase Girl” which you can read below.

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Excerpt from the Story, “Suitcase Girl”

[Names, Dates, and Teams have been changed to protect the innocent…and the not so innocent.]


My fingers shake as I struggle to ignore the screaming and bashing of my door long enough to type out my instructions on the tiny keyboard.

Kyle: Keep your phone on silent and don’t move a muscle



Lauren: She’s crazy, Kyle! I’m so scared.

Kyle: Just stay calm, I’m gonna get you out of this.


[Content summarized for the sake of this excerpt]

Kyle “Zoom” Fuller has just been caught cheating by his crazy girlfriend Hailey with a cute Vandy soccer player named Lauren who slips her number into Kyle’s hand after the Texas A&M game during the postgame handshake with the fans. They make arrangements to hang out in Kyle’s room later that night. Kyle throws his girlfriend off his trail by telling her he has to be in Kentucky for a radio interview. Lauren comes over and before long, she starts to blow him. The plan worked—- or so he thought.



This is karma. I’m getting punished for cheating on her. This was a bad idea. I desperately search the room to find somewhere big enough to safely hide a 19-year-old girl. I wish I could whisper some magic words and just fucking Harry Potter this chick into thin air. So I do the next best thing and throw her out the window…just kidding. I need a place to hide her and fast. I look everywhere but there’s nothing. I look under the desk. Too small. I look in the closet. 
Too obvious. I even look in the clothing drawers because I’m that freaked out. I look under the bed and I see a row of suitcases. An idea hits me.

“Get in the middle suitcase now.”

“You want me to get in that tiny suitcase?”

“Hailey’s crazy, you wanna keep your face?”

She whimpers and climbs into the middle suitcase, the biggest of the three. I tell her to put her phone on silent and that I’ll text her instructions. I put a blanket from my closet over the suitcases so they’re covered. I say a quick prayer and hope for a miracle. I slowly open the door.

Hailey marches right past me and immediately starts tearing my room apart. She swings open my closet door throwing my shirts off their hangers and out of the closet. She clearly sees that there is no girl hiding in my closet. She gets angrier, running around the room, looking in every possible hiding area. Hailey looks under the desk. Nothing. She opens up the drawers — as if I could have shrunk a girl and put her inside my dresser. Then she stops and looks directly under the bed. She eyes the blanket suspiciously and tosses it off of the suitcase. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I feel my heart pounding in my chest. She stares at the middle suitcase and then turns to me, her voice a little softer,

“Where is she Kyle?”

If I play this right I might just get away with it. It’s time for a power move.

“Goddammit, there is no fucking girl here Hailey!”


“But what?! You are fucking crazy! Looking through my drawers, my closet, under my bed! What is wrong with you?!”

“I just–”

“This is just too much.”

“What?? Kyle, no!”

I can see Hailey’s eyes starting to water up. Tears run down her cheeks. “This isn’t my fault!”

In a split second, she breaks out into full-on sobbing. The snot drips down the sides of her mouth and onto the floor.

Now look, I don’t enjoy making girls cry, but fellas when your girl keeps a gun in her purse and is within a few feet of finding a girl in the suitcase under your bed;


“Girl are you kidding me?!

“You lied to me. You told me you were in Kentucky.”

“No shit I lied! You are too clingy Hailey. I never have time alone. I never have time to think about anything but you and your needs. Fuck that.”

“Bu bu but”

Hailey’s is breathing hard and choking a bit. It takes her a minute to get her words out.

“But but but baby why couldn’t you just tell me that.”

“Seriously? Are you for real? You are the most jealous, paranoid person I know. I tell you I am in Kentucky for interviews and you drive 45 minutes just to check if I am lying. This is the craziest shit you’ve ever done.”

“Baby I’m sorry, I’ve been so stressed lately.”

“Hailey this ain’t even the first time. Remember that time you harassed me about the random autistic chick that congratulated me on twitter after a game?”

“I know but Kyle please. I love you so so much. I shouldn’t have accused you of cheating. Please, don’t break up with me. I love you.”

I look her dead in the eye. I don’t say anything. Then I turn and stare out the window. Sometimes, silence is worse than an answer.

“Please, Kyle.”

“Hailey I’m not breaking up with you right now but this type of shit is really making me reconsider this relationship.”

She sniffles a few more times, wipes her face and sneezes into a tissue.

“I’m gonna make this up to you. I know how to take care of you.”

Before I can say anything, Hailey grabs my junk through my shorts. Damn, I am in no mood but pushing her away would be suspicious as hell. I have never turned down sex with Hailey.

We make out for a bit but I guess she notices it ain’t doing shit for me. The truth is my dick has stage fright. If something goes wrong, I’m gonna get caught. Lauren’s gonna get hurt. And my reputation will be fucked.

And on top of that, I haven’t peed all day and it is taking everything I have to keep myself from doing the pee pee dance like a first grader. There is no fucking way I am gonna go to the bathroom and leave Hailey alone with a girl under my bed. No shit I can’t get hard, I’m anxious as hell.

Suddenly, though just for a moment, my leg quivers, maybe because I’m worried about the girl under my bed or maybe because I’m worried that I might accidentally start peeing on the ground. Shit I’m worried Hailey is gonna grab my balls the wrong way and I’m gonna accidentally pee on her leg. Either way, she notices, “Why are you so tense?”

Hailey takes a step back without breaking eye contact. She takes off her shoes and quickly unzips her dress and unhooks her black lace bra. While still maintaining eye contact, she bends over slightly to pull down her lace panties. Everything drops to the ground.

And now, right there in front of me, is a tan, tightly toned swimsuit body.

Okay, now, I’m good to go.

She walks over and smiles as she undresses me completely before pushing me onto the bed.

Hailey climbs on top of me and starts riding like the relationship depends on it. I need to hurry this up so that I can get Hailey the fuck out of my room. She works up a nice rhythm, rolling her hips back and forth like a pro. I try to relax but I’m going soft and Hailey knows it.

“KYLE! I thought you loved this position?!”

I am trapped in a prison of my own bladder; I can’t cum until I pee and I can’t pee until I cum. It gets so bad that for a second I consider convincing Hailey that I am into this weird pee fetish and that a golden shower is the only way to save our relationship…but I can’t have word getting out that Zoom Fuller likes to pee on chicks. Not trying to be the R. Kelly of the NCAA.

I might have been able to play through it if Hailey wasn’t trying so damn hard to be sexy. “I’m gonna make you so happy Kyle, so happy!”

I keep at it but this is literally doing nothing for me. Who would have thought that crunch time free throws would be easier than having sex with your girlfriend?

I guess Hailey notices I’m not putting it down like I usually do.

“Kyle, are you ok?”

“I’m fine Hailey.”

“Are you sure?”


“Are you mad at me?”

“No Hailey.”

“If this is about earlier I’m really sorry.”

“Hailey, STOPP!”

I push everything out of my head and start to think about Lauren earlier. Damn she was killing it in that baby-blue lace thong. I begin to think about all the things she could be doing to me right now. After another five minutes I finally cum. Hailey immediately collapses onto the bed.

“Babe that was exhausting, I’m ready to pass out.”


She looks at me funny.

“What do you mean no?”

I couldn’t take the risk of trying to sneak Lauren out while Hailey is still in the room.

“I mean ‘No you can’t pass out. I want some Cheetos!’”

“Come to Munchie Mart with me to get them.”

“Cheetos? Kyle, I’m so tired, just go get them yourself.”

Luckily I have a trump card she can’t beat.

“Really Hailey?”

“After the bullshit you pulled tonight, you can’t come with me to get some fucking Cheetos?”

“Ughhhhhhhhhh fine, let me throw on my clothes.”

We get dressed and walk out my door. The second we get in the elevator I text my boy Eric.


I’m in the clear.

Hailey and I dated for another month before breaking up. We had already been growing apart and I was never really able to get the events of that night out of my head. Really that night just highlighted a growing trend in our relationship. Hailey was taking up my whole life. She’d come over every day for hours and get mad when I wanted to hang out with my friends or have some alone time. She wanted the perks but couldn’t handle the drawbacks of being the girlfriend of a well-known college athlete. When the dad of one of the kids in her gymnastics class teased her about being the reason I struggled for a few games during the season, she started sobbing to me. 
 I need my girl to be a source of strength and in this relationship it was just emotionally draining.

Yes, what I did was all the way messed up. Cheating on Hailey was wrong. That night should never have happened. But I can’t change the past. If I could do it all over, I would have ended it before I had to seek what I was looking for in the arms of other girls. But that’s part of growing up. You make mistakes then you do one of two things. You either learn from them or you let them come to define you. I’m choosing the first option. Because that’s all I can control. People are gonna say what they wanna say, but in the end, I’m gonna let the stones fall where they may. Hopefully I’ll be judged for where I’m going, not where I’ve been. Anyway, I bet you’re probably wondering, “well what happened to the girl in the suitcase? How’d she feel about all of this?” Well… If this story teaches us anything it’s that people do crazy things for love…


Kyle Fuller

Kyle decided to throw a massive Halloween party to promote “Below The Rim” and from the looks of this video it got pretty wild. The one-minute party recap features girl-on-girl make outs, flashing and even straight up dry humping.

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