Kyle Larson’s Wife Katelyn Goes Viral For Her NASCAR All-Star Race Celebration

kyle larson wife katelyn shotguns beer

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30-year-old NASCAR star Kyle Larson has generated a lot of fans all across the racing world with his success in everything from stock cars to midgets.

The insanely versatile driver has won races driving everything from sprint cars to trucks and on Sunday he took home his third victory in NASCAR’s annual All-Star Race.

After his win at North Wilkesboro, Kyle Larson’s wife Katelyn made a lot of new fans in her own right with her All-Star Race celebration on the front stretch that went viral on social media.

Grabbing a can of Coors Light, Katelyn Larson proceeded to chug the beer in about eight seconds, much to the delight of the many fans in the stands.

Fans on social media were rightfully impressed.

“She chugged that faster than I did in my college days,” another fan commented.

“Winston cup hat, Coors not bud… may have a new favorite driver,” someone else wrote.

Of course, as fans who have been following NASCAR the past few years know, this is not the first time Katelyn Larson has celebrated one of Kyle’s wins by slamming a beer.

In 2021, Katelyn celebrated Kyle’s NASCAR Cup championship by shotgunning a Busch Light.

In fact, it’s her go-to move whenever husband Kyle takes the dub.

She even did it at the NASCAR Awards Banquet back in 2020.

It all tracks. Especially since the first night that Kyle Larson met Katelyn ended with him passing out drunk and she drew on his face with a Sharpie.

“It was a week long event at my home track in California and I won a race, we’re all partying that night and I think I was probably trying to show off for her and I end up getting wasted,” Larson explained to the Rippin’ It podcast in 2021. “She and a couple of my other friends, obviously I was passed out, like on the ground, in bad shape and they colored all over me.

“They outlined my hairline with Sharpie and I didn’t know it. So the next day, at the drivers meeting, they’re going ‘what’s this on your hairline?’ And it was the back of my head, so I couldn’t see it.”

Yep, she’s a keeper, for sure.

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