Kyle Larson Shares Hilarious Story About Passing Out And Getting Drawn On With Sharpie The Night He Met His Wife

kyle larson wife

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Kyle Larson recently sat down with Harold Varner III and George Savaricas on the Rippin’ It podcast for a great discussion, but it was the story about the night he met his wife that really stood out.

Back when Larson was dirt racing full time, he and his boys would party hard. The lifestyle sounds like it was wake up hungover, race, drink all night, repeat. Well, it turns out the night that Larson met his wife, Katelyn, was a particularly wild one and he paid for it the next morning.

“It was a week long event at my home track in California and I won a race, we’re all partying that night and I think I was probably trying to show off for her and I end up getting wasted,” Larson explained. “She and a couple of my other friends, obviously I was passed out, like on the ground, in bad shape and they colored all over me.”

“They outlined my hairline with Sharpie and I didn’t know it. So the next day, at the drivers meeting, they’re going ‘what’s this on your hairline?’ And it was the back of my head, so I couldn’t see it.”

See, folks, love can strike anywhere, even when you’re passed out drunk.

You can’t deny that it’s a unique love story. His wife quite literally left her mark on him via sharp to the back of the dome.

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