Kyler Murray’s Gigantic New Contract Involves A Hilarious Clause About His Film Study Habits

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After holding out for OTAs and a very public dispute with the team over his contract status, Kyler Murray got paid in a huge way by the Arizona Cardinals.

Fans were already skeptical of Murray’s new deal before details even came out. What we learned quickly was that the new contract made him a very, very rich man. What we did not know, however, are some of the finer details.

Those came out Monday thanks to NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport. And they didn’t particularly flatter Murray or the Cardinals organization.

Take, for instance, clause 36, subsection 1: “Player shall complete at least four (4) hours of Independent Study (as defined below) each week (excluding any bye week) during each playing season (as defined below) during the term of the contract.”

So Arizona needed to included a clause in the contract to ensure their franchise quarterback was watching game film each week? Not ideal.

And it doesn’t get better the farther down the clause you look.

Part three of the clause mentions that film for game study will be loaded on to a device provided by the team. It then appears that the Cardinals will monitor the device usage to ensure that Murray is studying for the entire four hours. The contract then includes specific language about Murray spurning film study for video games, television and browsing the internet.

That’s not want to here as an Arizona fan.

Football fans and media across the league had some thoughts about the contract language.

Murray is undoubtedly a game-changing player when he’s at his best. But this contract has to make fans wonder if he can get the Cardinals over the hump.