Wait, Did Kyrie Irving’s R&B Girlfriend Kehlani Just Cheat On Him With Her Ex?

The entire season for the Cleveland Cavs has been about as dramatic as one could imagine. From LeBron James sub-tweeting shit to his apparent feud with fellow superstar teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, it seems like this team was casted as a made-for-TV movie that just won’t quit.

And some new info just came out that has caused even more drama, particularly for Irving.

According to Larry Brown Sports, Ky’s hip hop girlfriend, Kehlani, may have just shacked the fuck up with her ex, artist PND (Party Next Door), with the guy posting a photo on his Instagram today of them lounging around in bed together.

The post was deleted, but the damage seems to have been done—seeing as how that’s Kehlani’s hand tat in the pic with PND.

Adding more fuel to this fire is the news that Kehlani deleted her IG altogether, making it seem like ol’ girl was slip sliding on someone else’s schlong—but that’s just my opinion. In the final message on her account, she did spill her love for Kyrie, though.

Who knows if the pic was old and PND’s just trying to get under the two-time All-Star’s skin, but based off what has happened since—including Irving’s Instagram post following the news—it sure seems like this shit is about as real as it gets.

The dude makes $15 million a year, is one of the best ballers on the planet and he got cheated on? Girls are harsh, man.

[H/T Larry Brown Sports]

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