This Lacrosse Coach’s Passionate ‘Fortnite’-Themed Motivational Speech Is So 2018 It Hurts

Lacrosse Coach Fortnite Motivational Speech

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Here’s something that when we look back at the end of the year will be one of the things we should put in a time capsule for 2018 so future generations can see what an amazing world we live in today.

A coach for the youth team O2 Lacrosse, a group of eighth graders, got his team completely fired up with his motivational speech that compared the tournament to Fortnite’s Battle Royale.

See if any of what he says resonates with you.

“Let’s focus here. Everybody get in, pay attention. 24 teams came here, OK? This is just like Fortnite, just like Battle Royale,” he explained to his squad. “24 teams, there’s four left. You know what? There’s four left, we’ve got Chug Jugs, we’ve got the golden SCAR. Let’s go! This is no different than a Fortnite battle. Let’s go win this, baby!”

That… is absolutely… genius.

I am so using that speech at my son’s next Little League baseball tournament. Fortnite is literally all they talk about. Plus, hell, it worked!

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