Bro With Balls The Size Of Mars Straps On A GoPro And Jumps From 5th Story Balcony Into Tiny/Shallow Pool

If you were to come to me on a Saturday and be like ‘Hey Cass, let’s grab the GoPros and go jump off a bridge’ I’d most likely be on board, assuming that the bridge isn’t high enough that impact on the water would break my legs and/or kill me. I’ve always been into jumping off cliffs, bridges, rope swings, whatever. But if you were to come to me and be like ‘Yo! Cass! I’ve got this 5th floor balcony we can jump off into a tiny ass pool and the deep end really isn’t deep at all!’ I’d probably tell you to fuck right off, because I have zero interest in fracturing my coccyx or breaking my ankles, depending on how I landed.

Here’s another one from the same jumper just to give you a clear picture of how insane this bro is:

I don’t know what the aftermath of these videos are, if the jumper sustained any injuries, but he did stick the landing and he climbed up there with relative ease. According to the video’s description, this pool is somewhere in Laguna Beach, California, one of the most picturesque towns in America. Beyond that, I really don’t have any concrete details to share with you bros.

…For more ‘Laguna Jump’ videos you can head on over to The Daily Dot!…

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