Internet Trolls Fans Who Bought Lakers-Bucks Tickets In Hopes Of Seeing LeBron Set Scoring Record

A Lakers logo on the court.

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LeBron James made history on Tuesday night by passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. The accomplishment was widely publicized over the last week as fans anticipated the record-setting performance.

That anticipation led to rising ticket prices for Lakers’ games. The decision to purchase entry to a recent contest is cause for regret amongst many basketball viewers.

The prices at the box office for a couple of matchups in Los Angeles rose exponentially as James closed in on the scoring crown. In some cases, the costs climbed more than 600% from the original face value.

The latest meeting with the Thunder cost attendees an average of $1,750 a ticket. A subsequent matchup with the Bucks saw prices just under $2,000.

LeBron entered his game against Oklahoma City 35 points away from the record. It wasn’t necessarily a lock that he’d eclipse Abdul-Jabbar on Tuesday as his scoring average sat closer to 30 points a night.

With that in mind, many fans purchased tickets to the Milwaukee game in hopes of seeing history. One fan reportedly bought a pair of tickets for nearly $50,000.

Unfortunately for those buyers, LeBron James did break the record, meaning the high prices paid were made in vain.

Many online are now trolling those who paid top dollar for Bucks-Lakers tickets.

One social media user wrote, “Everyone who paid $100,000 for those Bucks tickets crying and throwing up right now.”

Another person commented, “Those Bucks tickets are USELESS.”

With LeBron setting the record, ticket prices have dropped significantly. You can now gain entry for less than $100 a pop.

Tough break for buyers. Hopefully they can find a way to recoup some of their losses.

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