Fans React To The Spike In Lakers Ticket Prices As LeBron James Nears The NBA Scoring Record

LeBron James shoots the basketball.

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LeBron James is just games away from breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record, and Lakers tickets have suddenly become a hot commodity.

There’s been a recent spike in prices for Los Angeles’s next few games as the world prepares for history. While the rise in cost is to be expected, some of the outrageous asks are flooring.

James is soon expected to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s mark of 38,387 points. As of Thursday, LeBron sits just 89 points from taking over the No. 1 spot.

Based on his season scoring average (30.2 ppg), that would put him about three games away from making history.

Assuming that he doesn’t sit out any of his upcoming matchups, contests against the Thunder (2/7) or Bucks (2/9) seem to be the most likely nights for the record-setting feat.

As the league projects those numbers out, we’ve seen a rise in Lakers ticket prices.

Rumors surfaced earlier this week that prices for the upcoming matchup with Milwaukee are selling for as much as $92K.

According toย Sports Illustrated, the average individual ticket price for that meeting with the Thunder sits at just over $1,750. That’s a near 650% increase from the opening number. Prices rise to more than $1,900 for the following contest against the Bucks.

Even a February 11th matchup with the Warriors on the road is seeing prices up over $1,100. Those totals are only expected to grow.

Many online are reacting to the recent spike.

One fan wrote, “This is crazy,” while another posted, “Oh my.”

Some don’t believe the risk is worth the reward.

Is there a refund policy on this? Better read the fine print.

James looks like he’ll make history sometime next week. You’ll have to pay a pretty penny to witness it in person.

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