Lakers’ Dennis Schroder Says He Will Never Wear Kyrie Irving’s Shoes Again After N-Word Altercation During Game

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  • Kyrie Irving blasted Dennis Schroder for using the N-Word during a heated confrontation in a game back in April
  • Schroder, who owns 30-40 pairs of Kyrie Irving Nike sneakers, says he will never wear the shoes again after the incident
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Lakers’ Dennis Schroder has 30-40 pairs of Kyrie Irving sneakers but he says he will never wear them again because of his altercation with Irving earlier this year.

Back in April, Irving got into a heated altercation with Schroder because Schroder apparently used the N-word while addressing him.

Irving then went on a rant on social media on why he felt Schroeder was off-base for using the N-word at him.

In a recent video uploaded to his Youtube page, Schroder showed off his insane sneaker collection that included over 30 pairs of Kyrie Irving Nike sneakers. Unfortunately, Schroder says he will never wear the shoes again due to the incident with Irving and will instead give them away to whoever wants them.

“Kyrie Irving — I have a lot of his shoes,” “Unfortunately, I can’t wear them no more. It’s not possible after what happened in the game”

“I can not do it. Not going to wear it again.”

“I’ll donate,” Schroder said, “so text me.”