Some Lakers Players Were Reportedly Bothered By LeBron James’ Poor Body Language On The Court This Season

LeBron James

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  • The Lakers fired head coach Frank Vogel after the Lakers’ disappointing season ended on Sunday night.
  • According to the LA Times, LeBron’s poor body language bothered several Lakers players throughout the season.
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LeBron James’ poor body language on the court apparently irked some Lakers’ players.

At various points during the Lakers’ disappointing season, fans noticed that LeBron seemed fed up with his teammates’ play.

According to a report from LA TImes’ reporters Dan Wolke and Broderick Turner, players on the Lakers’ roster also noticed LeBron’s poor body language and were bothered by it.

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“As a leader, my job is for myself not to get frustrated,” James said early in the season. “If I don’t get frustrated, I think it will trickle down to everyo else. I’ve never been a person that’s OK with not being excellent. But I understand, you know, things take time as well. As long as I keep the main thing the main thing, stay even keel throughout whatever is going with our ballclub, then we’ll be fine.”

It was another plan gone awry.

Midway through the season, players began to notice James’ body language after poor Westbrook play, an on-court sign of recognition that his and the Lakers’ plan wasn’t going to work. Some Lakers players were bothered by how regularly James’ shoulders would slump and how his head would hang after botched opportunities to score or defend.