Lakers Signed Make-A-Wish Teen To A One-Day Deal And One Player Wondered Why The Kid Didn’t Actually Play

One of the best things that frequently happen in sports are these Make-A-Wish dreams that athletes and teams make come true for kids. Add 18-year-old Yitzi Teichman to that growing list, because he just got hooked up by the Los Angeles Lakers after they signed him to a one-day contract.

Yitzi has was diagnosed with a brain tumor while 17 years old, which nearly cost him his vision, but was able to have surgery done at Johns Hopkins, undergoing cancer treatment to help resolve the issue.

When it was his time to make his wish, there was no hesitation—he wanted to done the purple and gold of the Lakers and join some of the all-time legends in hoops.

While the Lakes might be stuck in rebuilding mode and have an aging Kobe Bryant as their most recognizable player, that didn’t stop Yitzi from wanting to join the franchise, inking his deal alongside the team’s general manager prior to the game against the Charlotte Hornets this past Sunday.

After talking with the media and getting treated like the Lakers’ newest first-round pick, the teenager got to enjoy shootaround with his new “mates,” even getting to meet some former Laker greats

The kid even made a lasting impression on Lakers shooting guard Nick Young, with Swaggy P saying, “They should have put him in,” Nick “Swaggy P” Young said after the game, per the L.A. Times. “Could they have put him in?”

While Yitzi wasn’t on the active roster, it’s cool to see that he got the vote of confidence from an NBA player.

This type of stuff always puts a smile on my face, so good to see that, even as the Lakers ship is sinking, they still have time to take care of a diehard fan’s wish.

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