Lakers Announce Russell Westbrook & Pat Bev Will Get Rings If They Win Championship

Former Lakers Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley

Getty Image / Douglas P. DeFelice

The Los Angeles Lakers currently hold a 3-1 lead over the Golden State Warriors as they aim to make a run for the NBA Finals.

It’s been a long journey for this team after entering the playoffs as a seven-seed.

Things seemed to really turn around once LA traded Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley. However, both of them have claimed they would like a championship ring from the Lakers if the team wins the whole thing.

Now, the organization addresses their request.

According to Chris B. Haynes, the Lakers announced they will give Westbrook and Beverley a ring if the team wins a championship.

In fact, Los Angeles will give a ring to every former player who was on the roster this season a ring if they win the NBA Finals.

That’s a rather interesting choice. Usually, players who are traded away don’t receive anything from their former organization if they win the title. However, the concept isn’t new.

But the Lakers aim to give out some rings to players who technically didn’t help them win a championship.

As you can imagine, NBA fans had plenty to say about this announcement.

Things might get awkward in the LA Clippers locker room.

Does a script exist?

The Lakers made this announcement before going 3-1 on the Warriors. There is still a long way to go before the NBA Finals though.

With that said, Los Angeles is in a great position right now to make a serious run for a title. They have a commanding lead right now and things are looking up for this team.

But if the Lakers win the championship, look for both Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley to each receive a ring of their own.