The Lakers’ Swaggy P (a.k.a. Nick Young) Had the Most Swaggy P Moment Ever Last Night

Before the hapless Lakers stomped the even-more hapless Knicks by 31 points in the Garden last night, guard Nick Young—aka Swaggy P, the swaggiest of all Ps—was having a rough week.

Young’s home was robbed during a Lakers game on Sunday. The thieves walked into an unlocked front door and made off with over 100 grand in Louboutin shoes, jewelry, clothes, and Louis Vuitton luggage, and, in a real coup de grâce, his Yeezy IIs. The Red Octobers. The shoes that made Swaggy P swaggy.

“They got me, man. They stole my Yeezys, too,” Young told the media on Monday.

Here is Young in happier times:

But last night Young hit five threes and the Lakers dropped 51 third-quarter points on the Knicks, which broke a record for most ever scored against the New York franchise. So you can understand why Swaggy P was feeling a bit like his old self when he celebrated yet another three-pointer.

Of course, he forgot to make the shot.


Never change.

[H/T: @CJZero]