NFL Fans Enjoyed Seeing Lamar Jackson Clap Back At Chris Simms On Twitter

NFL Fans Loved Seeing Lamar Jackson Clap Back At Chris Simms On Twitter

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  • Chris Simms questioned Lamar Jackson’s committment because of his absence at OTAs.
  • The QB fired back at Simms on Twitter and many NFL and Ravens fans ate it up.
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Earlier this week on PFT Live, NFL analyst and former quarterback Chris Simms was discussing Lamar Jackson’s absence from Baltimore Ravens’ OTAs.

“I’ve heard Lamar Jackson say he wants to win Super Bowls, he wants to win a bunch of Super Bowls,” Simms said to Mike Florio. “I think there was a time where he was like, I want to be like Brady. I remember him saying that earlier in his career. Well, Brady wouldn’t be missing OTAs in year four of his career. That’s what I want to say to some of these young quarterbacks.

“I hear, I want to be like Brady, I want to have a career like Brady,” Simms continued. “Well then do what Brady does! Brady didn’t miss an OTA until he had played in four Super Bowls and, you know, started to get married and then started to miss a few OTAs.

“But then things didn’t go that great in 2010 and 11 and 12. And you know what he started doing? I’m going to be back at OTAs. I’m going to get a little bit better. We need this. That’s where, just from the football standpoint, I just don’t get it. I don’t at all.”

For what it’s worth, Ravens team president Sashi Brown told WBAL Radio, “Voluntary does mean voluntary. Lamar’s been out working this offseason … so no, I don’t think any reason for alarm.”

Jackson also tweeted this a few days ago.

Lamar Jackson is not here for criticisms from Chris Simms

Friday morning, Lamar Jackson responded on Twitter to Chris Simms’ take on him not attending the Ravens OTAs this year.

“Lamar wants to be Lamar Chris [sic],” Jackson tweeted. “This part of OTAs is Voluntary my Guy I will be there, just not on your watch it’s probably other QBs not attending Voluntary OTAs either but since it’s Lamar it’s a huge deal. Find something else to talk about.”

NFL fans were pretty entertained by Jackson taking Simms to the woodshed on Twitter.

But, as always, not everyone was happy.

Others, well, they were just here for the jokes.