Lamar Jackson Sends Cryptic SpongeBob Tweet, NFL Fans Lose Their Minds

Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The situation between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens has been an ongoing storyline throughout the offseason so far.

Numerous teams have shown a lack of interest in the superstar quarterback, while rumors continuously float around the league.

Well, perhaps some answers are on their way soon, as Lamar Jackson sent a cryptic tweet that has the NFL world buzzing.

Late Tuesday night, Jackson tweeted a GIF of SpongeBob SquarePants along with an emoji.

There were no words to provide any context to the message, forcing fans everywhere to speculate what it might mean. Here is Lamar Jackson’s cryptic tweet in question.

Clearly, Jackson is in a good mood, right? Why else share that emoji and GIF?

However, why would he be in such a good mood? Is he signing a deal soon? Are the Ravens trading him? Nobody knows. But, everyone takes their guess.

Plenty of Ravens fans think it means DeAndre Hopkins is on his way to Baltimore.

Does Josina Anderson know the answer?

Okay, but this is a hilarious guess.

Lamar Jackson has everybody shook with this cryptic tweet just like the ESPN crew when Adam Schefter announced the Aaron Rodgers trade.

Some Ravens fans just can’t take it anymore.

Way ahead of you, Bobby.

Lamar Jackson has been quiet since sending that cryptic tweet. Which really only adds to the mystery of what it could all mean.

On the other hand, the Ravens quarterback could just be trolling everybody right now.

Maybe we’ll finally get some answers during or after the NFL Draft. Or, perhaps we’ll never know what this tweet even means.