Lamar Jackson Is About To Pass The Legendary ’04 Michael Vick As The Fastest Quarterback In ‘Madden’ History

lamar jackson fastest madden player ever

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If you’re old enough to have grown up playing Tecmo Bowl, then you know firsthand just how unfair it was to play with Bo Jackson, but if Madden was your football game of choice during your younger years, then you know there was one other player who was virtually unstoppable: Michael Vick.

It was practically cheating to play as the Falcons in Madden ’04, as the infinitely mobile quarterback was gifted with a speed rating of 95 and basically all you had to do to ensure you’d gain some solid yards on a play was to call a Hail Mary and let him scramble out of the pocket.

However, it appears Vick has met his match in the form of Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens quarterback has had an absolutely ridiculous season so far and is largely responsible for the team having one of the most formidable offenses in the NFL, and while he doesn’t seem too concerned with winning MVP honors, he’s currently the odds-on favorite to take home the award.

Now, Madden has decided to acknowledge Jackson’s absurd skillset by adjusting his stats to give him a speed rating of 96, which makes him the fastest quarterback in the history of the franchise.

Madden reached out to Vick to help commemorate Jackson’s achievement, who presented the Raven with some custom cleats to celebrate the occasion that are emblazoned with the quote Jackson pulled out to criticize people who lobbied for him to pivot to a different position when he was drafted.

Jackson might only be in his second season but Vick had some high praise for the young quarterback when he spoke with USA Today, saying:

“It’s like the passing of the torch. I’m gone, but not forgotten.

Look, with every highlight that Lamar makes, it reminds people of me. It will remind people of Cam [Newton]. It will remind people of Russell [Wilson]. It will remind people of [Randall] Cunningham. Donovan [McNabb]—all the mobile quarterbacks who came before us and who are going to come after us.”

I think I just found my new go-to Madden team.

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