The Internet Reacts To Lamar Jackson’s New Massive Raven-Feather-Filled Chest Tattoo

by 3 months ago

via @ace_no_buggy/Baltimore Ravens

I am not here to judge a man’s personal artwork. You won’t find any jokes about Lamar Jackson’s new chest ink from me. As someone with tattoos, I find dissing on others’ ink — especially in public — to be a breach of The Tattoo Subsection of the Bro Code, Article 651, Section 12A.

Instead, I am simply writing this article to bring you the reactions of other people on the worldwide web. I am not their father so therefore I have zero jurisdiction over what these people choose to put on the internet. It’s simply out of my hands. I’d apologize if it was my fault, but it’s not.

In the midst of our current global situation, Baltimore Ravens quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson found the time to get himself a new chest piece that features, amongst other things, the word “family”, a football, and what appears to be the feathers of a Raven.

As I mentioned earlier, the internet — again, not me, I’m the good guy here — saw this new ink from LJ on IG and they had some hot takes:

To be fair to Lamar Jackson, though, when it comes to times for athletes to get tattoos, now is perhaps the perfect moment, as he’s certainly got ample time to let it heal given the cancellation of OTAs.

As for when fans can expect to see Jackson, the Ravens, and the rest of the NFL return to the field, at this point, the season starting on time in September is our best-case scenario. 


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