Here’s Two Lamborghinis Racing Balls Out On The Autobahn Highway: Aventador SV Versus Huracán


YouTube / Thegermansupercars

In the video below we’ve got a handful of Lamborghinis racing balls to the walls on Germany’s Autobahn Highway. For Germans this may be an every day occurrence (though it’s really not), but for the rest of the world it’s pretty damn awesome when we get to see a Lamborghini Aventador SV race a Lamborghini Huracán. Getting to see these Lambos unencumbered, racing in their natural element, and letting those engines open up is something every bro can appreciate:

Every time I come across one of these videos showing super cars racing against each other on Germany’s Autobahn Highway I find myself completely salivating over what life would be like if we had this in America. Sure, there would likely be a whole lot of traffic-related fatalities when the highway first opened, but that’d just be Darwinism in action, and before long we’d have a highway full of responsible drivers all speeding balls to the walls on the highway. Americans that own super cars and other sports cars would be able to actually get their money’s worth out of their vehicles, and the rest of us would be able to get where we’re going a whole lot faster. This would be a great America, and I really need to stop day dreaming about this America because I’ve already wasted an hour of my life thinking about it.

Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights was quite possibly the biggest lie Americans have ever been told because unlike what we were all fed in that movie Americans do NOT actually like to go fast. If we as a Nation did actually enjoy going fast then we’d catch the fuck up to Germany’s Autobahn Highway where there are no speed limits and it’s completely legal for drivers to go as fast as they want just as long as they don’t impede faster traffic in the left lane.

Anyways, here are some GIF highlights of the Lamborghini Aventador SV racing the Lamborghini Huracán on Germany’s Autobahn Highway: