LaMelo Ball Reveals Absolutely Ridiculous New Chest Tattoo That Is Definitely Going To Make LaVar Ball Freak Out

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Last year during an episode of B’all in the Family, LaVar Ball had a fit when he learned LaMelo Ball got a tattoo on his arm.

aVar: What’s up, young buck? You got the real tats on there, dawg? Are you kidding me? Let me see them things on your arm.

Dude, what does that say?

LaMelo: Fear.

LaVar: And what’s the other one?

LaMelo: God.

LaVar: How about you fear me if I choke the hell out of you for getting them God damned tattoos? They say you get one, you get two, you get three, you get four. Next thing you know, you got tattoos on your neck, your back, your arm, your ass — all over the place.

Today LaMelo revealed an absurdly large chest tattoo that features No. 1, adding detailed wings and a halo which I’m pretty sure is going to make his father freak out.

The Internet had some thoughts on LaMelo’s new tat.

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