Lane Kiffin Is Back Behind A Microphone At SEC Media Day And Throwing Massive Shade At The Big Ten

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Lane Kiffin is the gift that keeps giving when it comes to memorable quotes and sound bites. That was no different when it came to Monday’s SEC Media Day.

Kiffin was in absolutely fantastic form when he took to the podium. First, he asked the question that every man has probably asked at least once in his life.

A question that has actually been thoroughly answered recently.

Then Kiffin addressed a question regarding the absolutely mayhem that occurred last season between Ole Miss and Tennessee.

But Kiffin saved his absolute best line for a question regarding conference realignment. The Ole Miss Rebels coach was asked about the transition for UCLA and USC to the Big Ten as well as Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC. In typical Kiffin fashion, he didn’t hold back.

Just an absolutely brutal burn there that the Big Ten probably won’t be happy about. But it should come as no surprise. Not only is Kiffin all-in as an SEC guy these days, he’s also got plenty of bad blood from his time with the Trojans. That’s something that he seems to have in common with former Trojans and current Rebels quarterback Jaxson Dart.

Fans immediately jumped on the Kiffin comment. SEC fans loved to see the jab, while Big Ten fans were a bit less amused.

But mostly, college football fans were just happy to have Lane back to doing Lane things.

College football is the greatest sport in the world for a number of reasons, and Lane Kiffin behind a mic is definitely one of them.