IT’S OFFICIAL: Hockey In Vegas Is Happening, NHL Approves Expansion

It’s official! After months of wondering whether or not the NHL would pull the trigger on an expansion team to Las Vegas they have just approved it. Because if there’s one thing Sin City truly needs it is a sports team that the locals can bet on and/or use to fix games (joking, all jokes, this is amazing news for Las Vegas):

NHL Las Vegas


With the brand new arena opening just weeks ago in Las Vegas this news couldn’t come at a better time, because it appears as if that arena is going to get a full-time occupant in whatever expansion team comes into existence. I think it’s safe to say this is how must Las Vegas locals must be feeling right now after hearing news that the NHL has approved an expansion team to the desert:

As reported here on BroBible recently, many in the hockey world believed that the NHL would approve the expansion. If you’re wondering just how the NHL expansion draft will go CSN Philly has the details:

“With expansion comes an expansion draft that will be held next summer. Clubs can protect up to 11 players. All players with no-trade or no-movement clauses are also protected. First and second-year pros are also protected.

Teams can protect one goalie, three defensemen and seven forwards or one goalie and eight skaters. No club will lose more than one player in the draft.”

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This will be the 31st NHL franchise, and the locals are STOKED:

I for one look forward to taking in a hockey game in Vegas at some point in the future. People love to hate on warm weather NHL teams but as a Tampa Bay Lightning fan I say fuck all that noise, there’s nothing better than having a local NHL team that kicks ass and life in Las Vegas just got a whole lot better!

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