Las Vegas Raiders Players Have Been Accused Of Being Terrible Tippers Once Again

Las Vegas Raiders Tip

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The Las Vegas Raiders are being called out for their bad behavior and poor tips for the second time in two years. To make matters worse, the team has only been in Sin City for two years.

Last season, it was rookie wide receiver Henry Ruggs who was allegedly leaving awful tips on big tabs. He was chastised so publicly that he was forced to speak out about the claims.

Now, just one game into the preseason, multiple parties with close ties to the team are on blast.

Putting players in check.

Vital Vegas, a Las Vegas-focused blog for “news, rumors, tips and WTF,” threatens to expose players, coaches and family members. The blog, which has 94,600 followers on Twitter, is saying that it will name names if “rudeness and poor (or zero) tipping continues.”

While the blog did not mention anyone in specific on this occasion, it is prepared to shame the guilty parties.

In response to the allegations, one Twitter user suggested that the players are not accustomed to the culture of Las Vegas yet and think they are still in Oakland. Vital Vegas agreed.

Although the poor-tipping trend is apparently stemming beyond a single player, the entire team is not necessarily included in the umbrella. In fact, quarterback Derek Carr and his family are being praised for their kindness.

It will be interesting to see whether this vague, overarching warning will change the behavior amongst the Raiders and their circles or if we are in for another storm of direct call-outs. But either way, it seems like this is a reoccurring thing and it’s not a great look.

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