LaVar Ball Calls Out Julius Randle For Not Passing Lonzo The Ball During Crunch Time

by 1 year ago


A week after criticizing Luke Walton for his coaching style, LaVar Ball is now going after Lonzo’s teammates. After the Lakers overtime loss to the Warriors, LaVar spoke to ESPN’s Chris B. Haynes and had a few thoughts on Julius Randle not passing his son the ball late in the game.

LaVar Ball is now going after Lonzo Ball’s teammates. After the Lakers dropped a game at home to the Warriors in overtime, LaVar Ball explained that Julius Randle should have passed the ball to his son at the end of regulation.

I’ll tell you the crucial point. When Julius got that ball at the end, he should have threw it forward. Lonzo had a wide open layup! Or three-pointer. That’s game! It wouldn’t have went to overtime, that was game.

…. Julius tried to take too many dribbles, then they fouled him, or they called timeout. But if he would have thrown the ball ahead, coach wouldn’t have called a timeout. Even if he did, he can’t call it because the ball’s in the air. Lonzo’s running the lane, game over. That’s the best time to score.”

Here is a video of the play LaVar is talking about. While Randle did get the rebound and rushed up the court he didn’t seem to have an open look at Lonzo. It also looked like he was going to turn the ball over if Walton hadn’t called a timeout.

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