LaVar Ball Responds To LeBron James’ Threat ‘I’m Gonna Say Whatever I Want, Come Do Something’

by 12 months ago

LaVar Ball is not afraid of LeBron James.

A few days ago, an angry LeBron warned Ball to keep his kid’s name out of him mouth after LaVar said that he thought LeBron Jr. wasn’t going to be a great basketball player because his father didn’t have enough time to tutor him.

LaVar spoke to ‘First Take” today and isn’t backing down from his comments.

“When you talk about someone’s kids people get real touchy. Someone asked me a question about that, I didn’t just come out and say that my kids are better the LeBron’s …I don’t care what he does with his family, let him do what he do. But for him to say that he warn me and all keep my name out of his mouth and that, he’s talking to the wrong dude. I’m gonna go say whatever I want to say and he’s not going to do nothing. Come do something.

Put LaVar Ball and LeBron James on the Chris Brown-Soulja Boy undercard.


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