Sick Lax Documentary Follows U-Penn Lax During 2014 Ivy League Lax Tournament


I just watched a 22-minute mini-movie on U-Penn’s semifinal victory over Cornell in the Ivy League lacrosse tournament this year. It’s dope, and it is fucking lax. In fact, here are the four most #lax things from it.

4. The above face-off picture. So fucking lax.

3. A guy on U-Penn is named Reid Tudor

2. The phrase “Bringing the Juice,” which is used to describe people who work hard at practice.

1. The 10:40 mark of the film, which switches over to a two-minute long interview with a former U-Penn laxer who now works in private equity, talking about how he only hires U-Penn laxers, and ends with the quote, “If a young man comes to Penn University and plays lacrosse, he is going to get a job.”

Now that’s lax I know and love.