Leaked WWE Document Reveals What Wrestlers Cannot Do In The Ring And Vince Says ‘No Pile Drivers’

onstage during the 2016 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

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I’m not here to tell you that the outcomes of WWE wrestling matches are staged, you already know that. I am here to show you a leaked WWE Live document which outlines all of the things the entertainers/wrestlers aren’t allowed to do in the ring.

This leaked document first hit the web yesterday when @allan_cheapshot tweeted it out, and you can see an extensive list of rules provided to the WWE referees on how to keep the flow of matches going. Each of the bullet points outlines the things WWE wrestlers are not permitted to do in the ring. Notably, it appears as if Vince McMahon himself has put the hammer down and outlawed ‘pile drivers’ in the ring.

leaked wwe wrestler rules document

Twitter / @allan_cheapshot

Other notable ‘no-nos’ include:

— No ‘stalling’ from the talent.
— All personal ‘promos’ from the wrestlers must be pre-approved before matches.
— Only JOHN CENA, the biggest named in WWE and the highest paid wrestler, is allowed to do the ‘boo stuff’.
— The ‘Ref Bumps’ are also staged and there’s strict protocol on how to handle these staged situations
— Grounds for stopping a match based on injury appear to be defined as when one of the wrestlers takes ‘a bad bump’.

This isn’t the first time a list of WWE rules has been leaked to the public. In July of last year, a leaked list of rules for WWE announcers hit the web and shows how complex and batshit crazy a WWE production can be.

Frankly, I’m shocked there isn’t an entire page devoted to rules which apply only to John Cena. At this point, his own personal brand is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s a star actor and TV personality outside of the WWE wrestling ring, and I’m shocked that they don’t treat him like precious cargo.

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