Leaked WWE Rules For Announcers Show The Insane Detail That Goes Into A Broadcast

leaked wwe rules announcing

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We all know that WWE matches are scripted, but this leaked list of rules for WWE announcers from a few years ago shows just how many little details Vince McMahon and company want their talking heads to remember when calling the matches.

Posted on Reddit’s wrestling page, this multi-page memo lays out the MANY do’s and don’ts for anyone who steps behind the mic.

Much of it is standard stuff one would expect for a WWE broadcast until you get to the notes from Vincent K. McMahon himself. Then it gets very specific.

Notes like don’t use the phrase “grandaddy of them all” to describe Wrestlemania because it makes it feel old and don’t say “the title is on the line” and instead be more creative by saying something like “the title will be defended” show just how much minutiae a WWE announcer has to remember.

There are also a few notes from Stephanie McMahon as well as others behind the scenes. Assuming this is authentic it’s a very fascinating look behind the scenes of a WWE production.

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