Guy Who Runs ‘Learn Quick’ YouTube Channel Sets Out To Master ‘Muscle Ups’, Learns They’re Not So Easy

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Mike Boyd is a fast learner. He runs the ‘Learn Quick’ YouTube channel and has amassed quite the following online by picking up hard-to-master skills in a short period of time. His previous videos include things like learning how to throw a boomerang, wheelie on a bicycle, pick a lock, solve a Rubik’s Cube, learn guitar, juggling, riding a unicycle, and landing a kickflip on a skateboard. For this video, Mike Boyd set out to learn how to do ‘Muscle Ups‘ and found that they’re not something you can just pick up in a few hours (or days….or weeks!).

The ‘Learn Quick‘ star approached learning to bust out Muscle Ups very methodically. Muscle Ups work your triceps, chest, and core so Mike Boyd began working on his pull-ups and dips. Mike figured if he could build up his muscles on those exercises then the transition to Muscle Ups wouldn’t be nearly as difficult. The logic is sound, but he grossly misjudged how difficult Muscle Ups are. In the end, it took the ‘Learn Quick’ YouTube star 93 days and 31 total hours of exercise to complete his goal of 5 muscle ups.

Muscle Ups have been all the rage lately. A week or two ago, this video of Conor McGregor doing muscle ups went viral. It shows a 64-year-old fan of Conor’s calling him out, claiming that Conor can’t do muscle ups as good as he can even though he’s 64…The old man was right, Conor’s form isn’t nearly as good as the old man, but Conor McGregor can still do more muscle ups than 99.99% of the human population.

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