These Are The States To Visit If You Want To Get Your Money’s Worth On A Golf Vacation

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Most golfers have a pilgrimage they would like to make at some point in their life, like heading out west to Pebble Beach, getting their ass kicked by the links courses in Scotland, or making friends with someone rich and powerful enough to get you into a foursome at Augusta. Unfortunately, unlike what your parents might have told you, it’s not always realistic to follow your dreams if you don’t have the means to achieve them.

If you’ve played your local course dozens of times because you don’t really have that many other options then I doubt you really care about where you take a golf vacation to as long as you get to experience some fresh fairways. There are obviously many things you have to take into account when planning your getaway but if you’re looking to keep it cheap there are a few untraditional destinations you might want to look at.

Carl’s Golf Land¬†conducted an informal study that took into account a number of different factors including flight cost, days without rain, and course density and quality. While you might be tempted to head to warmer climates if you can stand cooler weather and the prospect of visiting Kansas then there are a few overlooked locations you might want to look into.

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Carl's Golf World

Here’s the top ten:

  1. Kansas
  2. Minnesota
  3. Florida
  4. California
  5. North Carolina
  6. Iowa
  7. Arizona
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Idaho
  10. Michigan

The worst state to take your clubs to? Alaska, which boasts the highest number of bright orange golf balls per capita in America. At least they’ve got that going for them.

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