People Are Calling For Space Jam 2 Boycott, Sponsors To Drop LeBron James For Targeting Police Officer In Controversial Tweet

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Earlier this week, NBA superstar LeBron James deleted an extremely controversial tweet he posted in reaction to the police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

LeBron’s tweet featured a picture of Columbus police officer Nicholas Reardon who shot Bryant for holding a knife during a physical confrontation with another teen. The tweet read “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY” and included an hourglass emoji before he decided to take it down because he felt it was used to “create more hate.”

LeBron is now facing backlash from the Internet has several high-profile conservative personalities are calling for sponsors to drop the NBA superstar and people to boycott the upcoming Space Jam 2 movie because they feel he put the officer’s life in danger for just doing his job.

Fox News apparently reached out to LeBron’s biggest sponsors.

Fox News also made attempts to reach out for comment regarding the anti-cop tweet to some of James’ sponsors, including Nike, Pepsi, General Motors, Beats Electronics and Walmart, but none have answered as of Thursday morning.