LeBron James’ Reasoning For Walking Off The Court With 10 Seconds Left In Loss Infuriates Haters

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

LeBron James treated the waning seconds of Game 3 like it was 3:30 pm on the week between Christmas and New Years when you’re contractually obligated to go into the office but spend the day in a QAnon Reddit rabbit hole and taking multiple 30 minute cigarette breaks.

Mr. James took grief from all corners of NBA Twitter, who accused him of thinking he’s “bigger than the game” after a no good, very bad last several possessions that included two travels, three missed 3’s, and a pair of turnovers.

In his post-game presser, a pouty James didn’t do much to win over his critics when asked why he walked off the court like the party just ran out of alcohol.

No one was more upset with this terse response than guys with no Twitter photos who yearn for Jordan to come out of retirement to demonstrate how the game should be played.

LeBron haters: LeBron rides on a banana boat with his competitors in the offseason. What happened to the days when athletes despised their enemies!

Also LeBron haters: I simply cannot believe that LeBron didn’t drop to his knees and praise the Miami Heat for their stellar Game 3 performance. What a poor sport!


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